SAIGON SEOUL believes that the purpose of cosmetic surgery is not only to improve appearance but also to improve the quality of life in general.

Since 2013, SAIGON SEOUL Cosmetic Clinic in Vietnam has become the ideal destination for domestic and international customers looking for cosmetic surgery tourism. Our clinic offers a wide range of non-surgical to surgical head-to-toe treatments; All-inclusive beauty itineraries are offered during your stay in Vietnam. Not only treatments but we also provide thorough care from the moment you arrive at the airport until you return home safely. For international customers, there will be airport pick-up, accommodation (for major surgeries) and daily post-operative care.



SAIGON SEOUL Cosmetic Clinic aims to provide a premium one-stop cosmetic surgery journey for our customers. Since 2014, we have built personal and sincere relationships with VIP patients from all over. Our clients are not considered temporary surgical patients, but we view and treat them as our friends; We provide the best and most unique experience during their stay. Our customer base actively shares their experiences and refers their friends to us.

The customer tree, built organically over time, is continuously developed but done so privately – ensuring privacy and information security. SAIGON SEOUL Cosmetic Clinic is a private and spacious clinic, providing a comfortable yet professional atmosphere for customers. As part of our premium one-stop itinerary, our surgery costs include a comprehensive package offered throughout your journey with us - consultation, body examination, care nursing, hospitalization, accommodation, doctor aftercare, cosmetic skin care and options. -up service. Our service revolves around the customer and we focus meticulously on our customers' needs. Our staff is deeply involved in each patient's care and makes it a priority to understand their every need.

Attention to detail helps us avoid operating like a "factory clinic". That's why SAIGON SEOUL is always the first choice when every customer needs to improve themselves. We are grateful for our customers' trust over the years.


As a complete plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery center, SAIGON SEOUL Cosmetic Institute promises to deliver the best quality surgical results and exceptional customer service. We consider our position as healthcare professionals to be of high responsibility to every patient undergoing treatment or surgery. Armed with endless academic practices and rigorously trained surgical techniques, our healthcare providers aim to deliver safe, natural and satisfying results for his patient. At SAIGON SEOUL clinic, all of our staff are dedicated to meeting patient needs and providing patient-oriented care – fundamentally based on establishing sincere relationships and trustworthy with patients. We aim to provide consistent attention and focus – and relentlessly pursue our goals.

Naturalness in autologous tissue surgery With extensive experience and skills of highly specialized surgeons, MSc. Performed by Dr. NGUYEN NGOC NHON, we believe that cosmetic surgery can help patients achieve natural beauty. One of our main goals is to create ‘cosmetic surgery like no cosmetic surgery’ results. Our surgical results look exceptionally natural to the point that it is almost impossible to tell whether our clients have undergone cosmetic surgery or not.

As one of the cosmetic centers with top skilled doctors in Vietnam, our doctor Nhon is known for using the most natural ingredients harvested from customers’ bodies to maximize naturalness of the results. These natural ingredients have the highest adaptability in the body and the lowest infection rate. Actively participating in the field of education, Dr. Nhon constantly researches and focuses on using autologous tissue as the main material in cosmetic surgery. At SAIGON SEOUL, we provide 1:1 personalized and customized surgical plans based on customer needs, creating unique and natural results.







Prioritize patient safety and maintain the safest environment
Provides 1:1 personal consultation with plastic surgery expert Dr. NGUYEN NGOC NHON
Directly Dr. NGUYEN NGOC NHON designs the golden ratio of the face according to the customer's inherent characteristics
Use safety-first materials and equipment approved by the Vietnam Department of Health and the FDA

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Thạc sĩ – Bác sĩ NGUYỄN NGỌC NHƠN

Certificate of medical examination and treatment practice from HCMC DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH No.: 002879/HCM – CCHN – is a famous doctor in Vietnam – certified by the council to specialize in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery. He is the founder and director of SAIGON SEOUL Cosmetic Institute headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

He is recognized both at home and internationally as one of the best plastic surgeons today. Since becoming an official Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Nhon has held the position of full-time doctor specializing in Aesthetics – Burns – Plastic Surgery at Trung Vuong Hospital – Ho Chi Minh City. He has conducted profound and systematic research in the field of cosmetic surgery such as rhinoplasty; facial aesthetics; facelift; breast cosmetic surgery; liposuction; body shaping; Treating emergency cosmetic complications

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